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    About of BK Group

    Bach Khoa Petroleum Joint Stock Company (Bach Khoa Group) is a reputable and professional petroleum distributor nationwide. Established in early 2012 with the name Bach Khoa Specialized Equipment and Technology Transfer Joint Stock Company. Along with the transformation of the country and the development of the market economy, in order to implement a new business strategy, on May 8, 2013 after the meeting of the Board of Directors, the Company’s leaders decided to change its name. Bach Khoa Petroleum Joint Stock Company with the desire to provide goods services (Especially Mazut oil (FO oil), Diesel oil (DO oil), kerosene (KO oil), industrial lubricants , professional petroleum transportation service) quality assurance, reasonable price and best service quality, bringing satisfaction to customers.



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    Petrol retail price list

    Product Area 1 Area 2
    Gasoline RON 95-III 24.660 25.150
    Gasoline E5 RON 92-II 23.720 24.190
    Diesel 0.05S-II Oil 23.750 24.220
    Kerosene Oil 24.050 24.530
    Mazut FO 3,0 S Oil 17.750 18.100
    Mazut FO 3,5 S Oil 16.540 16.870

    Price from 15:00 on August 22, 2022

    WTI Crude Oil

    Brent Crude Oil


    With the motto “PRESTIGE IS GOLD” and taking your success as the top priority in our company’s business strategy.

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