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    Bach Khoa Petroleum Joint Stock Company would like to send respectful greetings, wishes for health, success and prosperity to customers.

    Bach Khoa Petroleum Joint Stock Company (Bach Khoa Group) was established in 2012 with the name  Bach Khoa Specialized Equipment and Technology Transfer Joint Stock Company. Along with the transformation of the country and the development of the market economy, in order to implement a new business strategy, on May 8, 2013 after the meeting of the Board of Directors, the Company’s leaders decided to change its name. into Bach Khoa Petroleum Joint Stock Company.

    With nearly 10 years of establishment and development, together with the efforts, dynamism and business acumen of all employees, Bach Khoa company has grown and has a strong position. in the market of Mazut oil (FO), Diesel oil (DO), kerosene (KO), lubricating oil and grease.

    Bach Khoa Petroleum Joint Stock Company is a petrol and oil distributor specializing in supplying gasoline and oil products (Especially Mazut Oil (FO), Diesel oil (DO), kerosene (KO), lubricants and greases). Lubrication). The main source of goods is taken from direct import warehouses such as:  Petroleum Company Region I – One Member Limited Liability Company (Hanoi); Petroleum Company Region II – One Member Limited Liability Company; Petroleum Company Region III – One Member Limited Liability Company (Hai Phong); Regional Petroleum Company V – One Member Limited Liability Company (Da Nang); Binh Dinh Petroleum Company; Southwest Petroleum Company; Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation – PVOil; Military Petroleum Corporation;…

    To make the process of transporting goods to customers convenient and fast. Bach Khoa Company has fully equipped the means of transport by road with the quantity of over 200m3  and by waterway with the quantity of at least 500m3 on one transfer. All vehicles are committed to ensuring environmental hygiene, safety and fire prevention.

    In addition, the enthusiastic – attentive – honest and responsible service of a team of experienced drivers as well as the professionalism of the specialist department operating with a high sense of responsibility, serving 24/7 customer service including holidays and Sundays. That further affirms the prestige – service quality, work efficiency of our company.

    With all the achievements we have achieved, we are proud to be a unit step by step towards the goal of further development and success in the field of petroleum business. Bach Khoa believes that with our efficient service, we will satisfy all your needs.

    Please choose and come to us for the best service!

    Thank you very much.


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