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    How will petrol prices be adjusted from 3pm today on 22/8?

    The Inter-Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance decided to adjust gasoline prices from 3pm on 22/8.

    Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade shows gasoline price average on the Singapore market until August 17 with RON 92 around $107 a barrel, RON 95 at $110.7. This price level has not changed much compared to the previous correction.

    Last week petrol price cont continued to go down but then rose again. On average, the entry price does not change much.

    That’s why, the Inter-Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance decided to adjust the price petroleum from 3pm on 22/8 as follows:

    E5 RON 92 gasoline remains unchanged

    The 95 RON gasoline remains the same

    Diesel oil increasing VND 851/liter,

    Petroleum increased by 736 VND/liter,

    Mass oil stays the same.

    Giá xăng dầu được điều chỉnh ra sao kể từ 15h chiều nay ngày 22/8? - 1
    Gasoline price stays the same after today’s adjustment period

    Therefore, after adjusting gasoline prices in the market as follows:

    E5RON92 gasoline not higher than 23.725 dong/liter

    Gasoline RON 95 not higher than 24,669 dong/liter.

    0.05S diesel oil: not higher than 23,759 VND/liter

    Petroleum not higher than 24,056 VND/liter

    Mazut oil is not higher than 16,548 VND/kg.

    At this operating period, the inter-Ministry to set up a price stabilization fund with E5 gasoline is 451 VND/liter, RON95 gasoline is 493 VND/liter. Diesel oil is 250 VND/liter. At the same time, stop spending on petrol price stabilization fund.

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