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    Supplying Mazut FO Oil for factories, industrial zones, Asphalt . asphalt concrete stations

    Mazut oil, also known as  fuel oil or FO oil, is the heavy fraction obtained by distilling crude paraffin oil. and  asphalt  at atmospheric pressure and in a vacuum. FO oils have a high boiling point . In engineering, it is sometimes divided into light FO oil and heavy FO oil.

    Therefore, the chemical properties of fuel oils vary considerably, but not all of these properties affect their use as fuel and the techniques used to achieve high efficiency. .

    1. Definition

    Mazut oil (Fuel oil – FO) – also known as furnace fuel –   is the main product of the distillation process obtained from the fraction after the gas oil fraction when distilling crude oil at high temperature. boiling point greater than 350 degrees Celsius.
    Mazut oil is a fuel consisting mainly of residues from the distillation of crude oil. This oil is commonly used for boilers in power plants, ships, and in industrial plants. 

    2. Classification

    Mazut oil is classified as follows:
    • Heavy fuel oil (heavy FO): is a furnace fuel mainly used in industry.
    •  ;Light fuel oil (light FO): including diesel-like oils (DO); kerosene (KO), … when they are used as fuel for furnaces (evaporative, chimney or household incinerators).

    3. Vietnam quality indicators

    Source: Petrolimex

    4. Usage

    FO oil is used as a fuel for combustion in boilers, kilns, evaporative furnaces, chimneys or for ships’ internal combustion engines …

    5. Use and storage FO oil

    FO oil is stored in liquid form in specialized equipment, containers must be tightly closed.
    Keep away from heat sources and reach of children. Store in a well-ventilated place to avoid accumulation Hydro sulfide in the fuel. Use appropriate equipment  labor protection when in contact with this fuel.
    Avoid spilling, spilling, leaking during transportation and use because the fuel will cause long-term harm to the environment. school. Prohibit fire, ban smoking, do not use portable electrical equipment, telecommunications equipment that does not ensure safety in the area of ​​storage, oil pumping.

    6. Where to buy good Mazut oil (FO oil)?

    Customers wishing to buy and use Mazut oil (FO oil) can contact Hotline of Bach Khoa Group.

    Bach Khoa Group has experience and specializes in supplying a large number of petroleum products, especially Mazut oil (FO oil) with guaranteed quality in accordance with petroleum standards in Vietnam, at competitive prices. , door-to-door delivery, bringing great benefits and cost savings to customers.

    Contact details Hotline: 0935.624.666 (Sales Department) for advice.

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