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    Petrol prices dropped simultaneously from 3pm on August 1

    This is the fourth consecutive drop of gasoline prices recently.

    Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade shows  gasoline price Average finished products on the Singapore market updated to July 26 increased by 2 USD/barrel compared to 20/7 to 114.6 USD/barrel for RON 92 gasoline; $117.9/barrel with RON 95 gasoline.

    Similarly, the price of oils on the Singapore market in this operating period also tends to move up to 2 USD/barrel. The average price of diesel oil in this cycle is 130.5 USD/barrel, kerosene is about 130.1 USD/barrel. Only fuel oil increased by 18 USD/ton, at 503.1 USD/ton.

    The retail price of gasoline in the country is higher gasoline price< /a> The average finished product in Singapore market is about 208-343 VND/liter. Domestic diesel and kerosene prices are also higher than Singapore market by about 632-847 VND/liter.

    That’s why, the Inter-Ministry of Industry, Trade and Finance decided to adjust petrol price from 3pm on August 1 as follows:

    E5 RON 92 gasoline reduced by 444 VND/liter

    Ron 95 gasoline reduced by 462 VND/liter

    Diesel oil decreased by 950 VND/liter, 

    Petroleum fell 713 dong/liter

    Mass oil stays the same.

    Petrol prices are adjusted down

    Therefore, after adjusting the price petrol on The market is as follows:

    E5RON92 gasoline not higher than 24,629 VND/liter

    RON 95 gasoline is not higher than 25,608 VND/liter.

    Diesel oil is not higher than 23,908 VND/liter.

    Petroleum not higher than 24,533 VND/liter

    Mazut oil is not higher than 16,548 VND/kg.

    This period, the Inter-Ministry of Industry and Trade made an appropriation to the BOG Fund for gasoline E5RON92 at 800 VND/liter (last period was 950 VND/liter),   RON95 gasoline at 850  VND/liter (last period). the previous period was 950 VND/liter), diesel at 450 VND/liter (the previous period was 550 VND/liter), kerosene at 650 VND/liter (the previous period was 700 VND/liter) and fuel oil at 787 VND /kg (last period was 950 VND/kg).

    Thus, this is the fourth consecutive decreaseprice petrol in Vietnam.

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